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Tallie: business expense reporting software

What is Tallie?

Tallie is an end-to-end business expense reporting software that:

  • Intelligently scans, categorizes, and matches receipts and credit card data
  • Auto-generates detailed expense reports
  • Manages approval workflows, ensuring policy compliance and fraud detection

What can I do with Tallie?

With Tallie, you’ll be able to:

  • Reimburse your employees using the same method you use to pay vendors
  • Ensure your expense and billing data is always up-to-date, no matter what system you are using
  • Turn your detailed, automated expense reports into bills, complete with related receipts and documents
  • Keep all critical expense date in sync, automatically - vendors, customers, accounts, items, and classifications

Things to know

  • Upon initial setup, Tallie and sync the following data: vendors, customers, accounts, items, and classes/departments
  • Tallie routinely communicates with your account to ensure any changes made in sync back into Tallie, and vice versa
  • Export Tallie expense reports directly into as bills, with account, customer, vendor, item, and class/department automatically synced on the bill
  • Every bill generated from a Tallie expense report will contain all original scanned receipts, associated documents, and a PDF copy of the report itself
  • Access Tallie’s support site for instructions on how to connect