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Show my payment Terms & Conditions to customers at checkout

Choose to show or hide Terms & Conditions on your payment page by navigating to the Gear Icon> Settings> Online Payments, and clicking "manage" next to Credit Cards

For the greatest level of chargeback protection from disputes arising from T&C policies, require each cardholder to agree to your policies at the time of sale (before they pay). On your T&C page, include your complete terms of service and any specific policies you have regarding:

  • Cancellation policies
  • Special orders
  • Restocking fees
  • Refund policies
  • ALL SALES FINAL (if this is the case, put it at the very top in all caps)
  • Damaged and inaccurate fulfillment claims


You must host your T&C on a website that can be referenced by the checkout page. The URL of the page that contains your T&C will display in an iFrame window embedded on the checkout page. The iFrame window should contain your entire T&C policy, with no external links to other pages. Showing your entire policy on the same, single page as the Agree button satisfies T&C disclosure requirements.
If a cardholder raises a dispute, submit a screenshot of their payment page. The "click to agree" T&C serves as proof that you made the cardholder aware of your policies at the time of sale. Providing proof is only one aspect of the overall dispute process, but this "best practice" eliminates losing a dispute on a technicality.
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