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Lead time preferences and how they impact payables


Process date is determined based on the due date of the bill and the lead time established in the general payables preferences or in a specified vendor's preferences.


When setting up preferences for Payables, we ask about lead time. If this does not get filled in, we default to 6 days as shown below.


  • We'll remind you to pay your bills 6 days ahead of time (or however many days ahead you choose for lead time; 6 is default).
  • We estimate 3 business days for postal mail, so this is a conservative setting to help ensure the payments arrive on time.
  • On the Pay page, we'll default the Process Dates to 6 days ahead of the Due Dates whenever possible.
    • You can manually override the Process Date for any bill payment if you'd like to pay earlier or later than the default date entered.
    • If your bills aren't entered at least 7 days ahead of the Due Dates, we will default to as many days possible before the Due Dates, based on your settings.
      • Example: If your lead time is set to 6 days, and you enter a bill 4 days ahead of the Due Date, the Process Date will be set to 3 days ahead of the Due Date (1 day is required for bill scheduling).


If necessary, set individual lead times for vendors with different requirements. If the vendor lead time is left blank, it will default to the Payables Preferences setting.

To update a vendor's lead time:

  1. Click Payables, then Vendors
  2. Locate your vendor
  3. Click the Edit icon
  4. Enter your lead time preference into the Lead Time section
  5. Click Save