Sign in Free Receivables Account: Recording Payments in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks:

  • Choose Customers Receive Payments The Receive Payment window appears.
  • In the Received From text box, identify the customer paying you If the customer doesn't appear in the drop-down list, type the customer's name in the text box.
  • Record the payment information in the Date, Amount, Reference #, and Pmt. Method fields.
  • In the list box, click the invoice or invoices paid.
  • From the Deposit To drop-down list, select the account to which deposited your funds.
  • Click the Save & Close or Save & New button to save the customer payment information.

That's it Receiving ePayments from means you'll be paid faster and more reliably -- no more trips to the bank to deposit checks -- and you can quickly and easily record these payments in QuickBooks using the same workflow as you do for check payments.