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Startup Checklist setup is a breeze and should take you less than an hour. This is because we grab most of the information needed to populate your account from your accounting software. You'll also want to introduce us to your bank, so you can make and receive payments, add other users and set up a workflow, and personalize your account. 

Getting started

In your account, click the gear icon , and then click Startup Checklist

The Startup Checklist displays what you've done so far, and what you still need to do to set up your account. Click each item to complete the tasks:

  • Roles and Permissions
    • Add users to your account, and give them roles based on what they need to do in
    • Employees, co-workers, and accountants
  • Bills And Documents
    • Inbox
      • Set up your Inbox email address and optional fax number, so you can get bills and other documents sent directly your account.
  • Payables
    • Bank Account
      • Set up your bank account, so you can make and/or receive payments through
    • Approval
      • Set up your Bill/Credit Approval Workflow.
  • Receivables
    • Logo
      • Upload your Company Logo - we'll display this logo in emails to your vendors and customers, invoices you send to customers, and the Portal where customers pay you.
    • Branded website address
      • Customize the URL your customers will use to access the Customer Portal.
    • How you want to get paid
      • Choose how your customers can pay you - ePayment, PayPal, or Credit Card
  • 1st Sync
    • We'll guide you through the Sync Setup to bring information about your Payables and/or Receivables from your Accounting Software file into



Syncing with your Accounting System

Use the articles below for instructions on how to get your account syncing with your accounting system:



No Accounting System, or Other?

No problem! Our Import / Export feature will help get your bills, payment info, and other information in and out of