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How do I get the most from the Data Entry Service?

Important: If you haven't used Data Entry Service before, take a look at our new and more robust feature, Auto Bill Entry!



Although our Data Entry Service saves you a substantial amount of time by handling the manual entry of bills, you still need to review the bills and payment terms. Follow your standard processes and controls: we're not an accounting service or process control. Review or approve each bill, then schedule payment.


  • New vendors - Review the vendor information (such as the payments terms) we've entered for you. Assign appropriate accounting categories and add any approvers.
  • Credit card (and other non-invoice) monthly statements - Review statement details to see if a payment for the prior period has been applied, and if there are any finance charges or credits. We enter the "Current Charges / Purchases" rather than the "Total Amount Due". Adjust the amount due, if necessary.
  • Unspecified/unrecognizable fields - On a bill, if some fields are empty or illegible, we enter default values (see Data Entry Service - what we enter). Make changes, if necessary.
  • Multiple line items (splits) - We assign categories only for bills with a single line item. For bills with split line items, we do not attempt any categorization and will leave the splits blank. You must assign expense accounts to the line items.
  • QuickBooks or Intacct sync - If you don't categorize line items on a bill, we use your Sync Preference for "Unallocated account". Make changes, if necessary.
  • Invoices intended for another company - We process these invoices as bills. Make sure these bills are not for your company, then deactivate them.


Data Entry Service does not process vendor credits.

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