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Tips for the sync between and QuickBooks for Windows

Please consider the following when syncing data between and QuickBooks for Windows (QBW)

  • Processing Payables
      • Managing and paying bills should be done in and synced to QBW
      • Creation of bills or changes to bills in QBW will not sync to
  • Vendor Credits
      • Updates made to a vendor credit in will not sync to QuickBooks after the original version has synced.
      • Vendor credits are not applied via the sync until a bill is paid in full
      • If a vendor credit covers the full amount of a bill, the $0 payment from which marks the bill as paid in full must sync to QBW for the vendor credit to be applied
      • If a credit only covers part of a bill's balance, the credit will not be applied in QBW until the remainder of the bill is paid, even if the credit is applied in
        • In this case, the credit(s) should not be manually applied in QBW or future payments will error upon syncing to the associated bill(s)
  • Processing Receivables: 
      • Create invoices in or QBW
      • Send invoices and record payments in
      • If an invoice is created in, changes can be made in until a sync is run
      • Once the invoice is synced to QBW, changes to the invoice can only be done in QBW
      • Invoices live in QBW, invoicing (sending/processing payment) lives in
      • Partial payments should be applied to an invoice before applying credit memos

Note: Please note the following:

  • Locations do not sync
  • Automatic sync not available