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QuickBooks Sync Error: The QuickBooks file is not available


The QuickBooks file is not available.
1. If this file has never been synced before, open the QuickBooks Company file file path If prompted to allow access to the company file, choose "Yes always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running"
2. If your QuickBooks application is open but the open file is not what you selected, please either close QuickBooks or close the current Company file, and open the select file in QuickBooks.


This error occurs when syncing for one of several reasons:

The opened QuickBooks file is not what is selected in the QuickBooks file fielof the Profile Editor in the Sync Dashboard
In the Profile Editor, on the Please Confirm your QuickBooks company file screen, the Browse Button was clicked
If you have previously synced, the QuickBooks file was moved to a different location


  • Exit QuickBooks.
  • In The Sync Dashboard. Click OK on the Error Occured screen and then Cancel in the Profile Editor.
  • In the Sync Dashboard, click New.
  • Open the QuickBooks file as the QB Admin user in Single User Mode.
  • Click Edit > Preferences
  • On the left click Integrated Appications
  • Click Company Preferences
  • Ensure the following is not checked
    • Don't allow any applications to access this company file
    • Notify the user before running any application whose certificate has expired
    • Click Ok


  • Return to the Sync Dashboard Profile Editor, and click Next.
  • When the QuickBooks - Application Certificate appears, select Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.
  • Click Continue.
  • For Access Confirmation, click Done.
  • In the Profile Editor of the Sync Dashboard, enter your login details, then click Next.
  • Select the company you will be syncing with, then click Finish.
  • In the Sync Dashboard, under Sync Profiles, select your Company, then click Sync.

If these steps do not work for you, please contact Customer Support.

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