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Fix or deny an approved bill


  • If your role is limited to approving bills, you don't have permission to unapprove or deny a bill that is already approved. See your company clerk or administrator to unapprove the bill.
  • If you have permission to edit bills, restart the entire chain of approval by removing all approvers, then adding them back. We'll route the bill to you and to everyone else again:
    1. Hover over Payables and select Bills
    2. On the Bills page, click the bill's invoice #
    3. Hover over Bill Details and select Approvers
    4. Write down the sequence of approvers
    5. Click [del all]
    6. On the confirmation, click OK
    7. Hover over Bill Details and select Summary
    8. In the Summary, click the Edit icon
    9. Under Approvers, select the sequence of people you wrote down earlier
    10. Click Save