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Check mailed to the wrong address

Don't panic!  We're here to help you recover your money and get it sent to the right address.

  1. Click Payables > Vendors.
  2. From the list of vendors, click your vendor's name.
  3. Enter the correct address for mailing a replacement check.
  4. See if the check has been cashed:
    • Click Payables > Payments.
    • On the Scheduled page, click Uncashed Checks.

You'll see a report like this:

Click the Remittance Info for the check sent to the wrong address and void it.  When you void it, you will have an option to Void & Credit or Void & Reissue. Since you now have the correct address entered, simply reissue to send a new check. 

We stop payment on checks you void, so make note of the check number as you are voiding it and instruct your vendor not to cash the voided check, just in case the misdirected check ever reaches them. We do this to protect your funds, and it is a free service! 


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