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Bill payments using a credit card

At this time, the system does not allow the ability to pay bills using a credit card. Bills can be paid by bank account within

If a bill has been paid via credit card outside of, you can mark the bill as already paid. This offline payment will sync to your accounting software to mark the same bill paid in your accounting software. To mark the bill as paid:

  1. Hover over Payables and click Pay
  2. Select the bill that has been paid via credit card
  3. Ensure the correct process date is selected 
  4. Click MARK AS PAID
  5. Enter any extra details, if necessary:
    • Payment Account: Select the chart of account for the credit card
      • The only options available will be bank type or credit card type accounts
    • How to Sync?: Choose "Do not sync" for payments entered manually in the accounting system, or "Enter check or ref #", if applicable, for payments that should sync to the accounting system.
    • Ref #: Enter a reference number, if applicable
    • Memo: This field fills by default with the invoice number of the bill being paid - but this may be edited as necessary.
  6. Click Save or No Extra Details