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What Vendors see for ePayments

When a vendor receives your ePayment, they will receive the following information:

  • An email notification
  • An update on their bank statement regarding the deposit (referred to as a header)


The header pertains to the information regarding the deposit displayed on a Vendor's bank statement. The headers display differently based on how the Vendor was connected.

Network Match, Manual Invite or Bank Setup

Network Match (connecting via PNI), a Manual Invite for your Vendor or Manually entering the Vendor's Bank Statement display the headers as follows:

  • business name the payment is coming from
  • invoice number(s) being paid with the payment
  • amount paid

Directory Match

When setting up Vendor's via the Directory Match for large billers, the headers display as follows:

  • business name the payment is coming from
  • account number of the vendor
  • amount paid


Email notification

The following is an example of an email notification that the Vendor will receive:

From: Operations
To: <Vendor Payment Info Email>
Subject: Your payment from <Your Company Name> is on its way!

Dear <Vendor Name>,

This confirms that <Your Company Name> has paid the following invoice(s) by <Payment Method> on <Process Date>. The payment will be in your bank account on <Delivery Date>.

Invoice#                        Due Date       Amount Due    Amount Paid
<InvoiceNumber>         <Due Date>  <AmountDue> <Amount Paid>
<InvoiceNumber>         <Due Date>  <AmountDue> <Amount Paid>
Total Payment Amount: <Total>

If you have questions regarding this payment, please call <Your Company Name> at <Your Company Phone Number> for assistance.

Thank you,

<Your Company Name>
<Your Company Phone Number>


Things to know

  • The Invoice number field on the payment confirmation email has a 20 character limit


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