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What Vendors see for ePayments

When a vendor receives your ePayment, they will receive the following information:

  • An email notification
  • An update on their bank statement regarding the deposit (referred to as a header)


The header pertains to the information regarding the deposit displayed on a Vendor's bank statement. The headers display differently based on how the Vendor was connected.

Network Match, Manual Invite or Bank Setup

For Network Match (connecting via PNI), a Manual Invite for your Vendor or Manually entering the Vendor's Bank Statement, we send the following information with the payment:

  • < business name the payment is coming from > via
  • invoice number(s) being paid with the payment
    • If multiple invoices are paid with one payment, invoice # will not show, instead it will say Multiple
  • Amount paid
  • Reference ID

Note: What is displayed on bank statements is dependant on what the receiving bank chooses to display.

Directory Match

When setting up Vendor's via the Directory Match for large billers, the headers display as follows:

  • < business name the payment is coming from> via
  • account number of the vendor
  • amount paid


Email notification

The following is an example of an email notification that the Vendor will receive:

From: Operations
To: <Vendor Payment Info Email>
Subject: Your payment from <Your Company Name> is on its way!

Dear <Vendor Name>,

This confirms that <Your Company Name> has paid the following invoice(s) by <Payment Method> on <Process Date>. The payment will be in your bank account on <Delivery Date>.

Invoice#                        Due Date       Amount Due    Amount Paid
<InvoiceNumber>         <Due Date>  <AmountDue> <Amount Paid>
<InvoiceNumber>         <Due Date>  <AmountDue> <Amount Paid>
Total Payment Amount: <Total>

If you have questions regarding this payment, please call <Your Company Name> at <Your Company Phone Number> for assistance.

Thank you,

<Your Company Name>
<Your Company Phone Number>


Things to know

  • The Invoice number field on the payment confirmation email has a 20 character limit