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Payment timing - Payables

ACH and Paper checks

When first starting with the service, allow 4 banking days for both ePayments and mailed checks. All new accounts need to build payment history. After 5 completed payments, payment timing will be accelerated to the default timing examples shown below (for example, ePayments under $5,000 will arrive in 2 banking days). Once your payment timing has been accelerated, you'll also have access to expedited payment options. Learn more about Paying Bills Faster.

Vendor Direct

Payments under $25,000 will process the next banking day. Payments over $25,000, allow one extra banking day for processing.


Paying a bill

  • Enter details on the bill and schedule a payment (Schedule a payment by 6 pm PT, and we'll start working on it the next banking day)
  • We show you an expected arrival date for each payment
  • Allow 4 banking days for the ePayments or check payments to be received by the vendor (faster after your first 5 completed payments)
    • Check payments may take longer than 4 banking days to reach the vendor, depending on USPS
  • Banking days are Monday through Friday (excluding bank holidays)
  • The Pay page will always show an "Arrives by" date for ePayments and Vendor Direct payments
  • The Pay page will show an "Est. arrival" date for checks
    • Note: Check arrival dates for non-expedited payments are always shown as estimates, since we cannot guarantee USPS delivery times.




Small Amount


Large Amount


Vendor Direct payments

Under $25,000

Over $25,000


Check payments

Small amount


Large amount


Things to know

When scheduling a payment via, the earliest process date you can select is the next banking day (you cannot select the current date). Weekends and holidays don't count in the banking world; if the day you select is a bank holiday or weekend day, we will automatically push the process date to the next available banking day.

  • Example: If you attempt to schedule a payment on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday), we will automatically make the process day Friday, which is not a bank holiday.
  • If a weekend or bank holiday falls within the regular processing time for a payment, the payment will be delayed, since banks do not operate on those days. That delay will be reflected in the "Arrives By" Date.