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Importing vendors & chart of accounts from Thomson Reuters CBS

OVERVIEW allows the option to import data from Thomson Reuters.


Chart of accounts

  • In the Thomson Reuters CBS file, go under the Checkwriter tab along the left side of the screen
  • Click Reports
  • Mark the Chart of Accounts and then click Options
  • Make sure that all accounts are included and it is marked for single spacing
  • Click OK and then click Print Preview
  • Once the preview of the list of accounts appears, go to the top of the screen and click the little envelope with a red arrow - that is the export option.
  • Once the Export screen comes up, choose Comma-separated values (CSV) as the format and Disk File as the Destination, then click OK
  • This will lead to a screen asking where to save the file and it will show the file name.
  • Once the file has been saved open it in Excel. Keep the columns for account number, account description, and account type, but delete the other columns.


  • Follow the same steps when trying to get a Vendor List report except when going into the options for that report, choose the Label option and preview. Vendors will be printed out like labels. Use the export option for that as well. Once again, there will be extra columns in the export file that will need to be deleted to narrow the information needed.


  • The phone number does not come over using this format, but when using a different format of the Vendor information, too much information is sent and the output file is very convoluted and there is no easy way to clean it up.