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Setting up your Inbox

  1. Hover over the gear icon , and then click Settings 
  2. Under Your Company, click Inbox
  3. Choose the business name to be used for the email address. By default, pre-populates this field with your company name. However, this can be changed if desired
  4. Click Save Email once the unique email address has been entered
  5. By default, pre-populates the fax number area code that corresponds to your company's phone number. Click Get Fax Number if this default is acceptable. If there is no fax number available in that area code, will return a list of alternatives. Choose a fax number from the choices offered, then click Get Fax Number

This creates a unique email address to send documents to, and a unique fax number for faxing in paper copies. These will display on the Home page and on the Received page of the Inbox tab.


Things to know

  • While Inbox email addresses are available for all accounts, Inbox fax numbers are not available for Basic Receivables or Basic Payables accounts. 
  • There is a 15-character maximum limit for the Inbox email address. The minimum is 3 characters.
  • This email is different from the one used to log into It's used exclusively for sending documents directly into your inbox and can be provided to your vendors.


Next Generation Inbox

We're making changes to our current Inbox! Learn more here: 

Introducing: Next Generation Inbox and Auto Bill Entry

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