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What Security Protection Does Offer?

At, your security and privacy is our top priority. We take numerous steps to ensure your account information and documents are kept private yet are always available to you
Our Customer Support Agents only have access your information required to support you with our service. They do not have the access to your bank account or credit card information
Furthermore, we educate all of our employees about the importance of keeping our customers' information confidential and secure and all employees and contractors go through a background check. We have also implemented the following data security safeguards

We use the same encryption that the banks use so that your data is protected when you connect to our site.
Our encryption runs at up to 256 bits, based on your browser's settings.
We store your data in our secure facility
We have guards and video surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
To enter the facility, employees must have an ID card, a PIN, and a full hand scan on file
We protect your data behind firewalls, and as an added precaution we encrypt any sensitive information when it is stored in our database.