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Vendor has not received their check

There are many possible reasons why a vendor may not have received a check payment yet. Learn more below. 


Possible causes

  • Vendor address was incorrect at the time of payment:
    • Confirm the vendor address completely matches the address indicated on the corresponding invoice.
    • Review the vendor audit trail to identify address changes that may have occurred before OR after the payment process date. The payment address is 'locked' at 12:01 am on the process date.
  • Lost or misrouted by US Postal Service
  • Vendor has received the payment but has not yet deposited payment
    • Below are some potential causes for this delay:
      • Account number  or invoice number not included: If the account number for a given vendor is not specified in the vendor profile, this field will be left blank on the check. Review the vendor profile to see if an account number has been designated. 
      • Invoice image from check stub was discarded: Although we include the first page of the invoice on the check stub, utilities, municipalities, and large financial institutions often discard the check stub before processing payments. We recommend including the account number in the vendor profile to help ensure payments are applied to the correct account.
      • International Payments: Est. Arrival date for an international check payment is based on the following US Postal Service guidelines:
        • Canada and Mexico: 10 business days from the process date.
        • All other international addresses: 15 business days from the process date.
        • Note: Since international mail is processed by both the US Postal Service and the vendor's local postal service, there can be delivery delays outside the guidelines provided above. The US Postal Service does not guarantee delivery dates within their guidelines.

If the vendor has not yet received their check, there are 3 options:

  1. Continue to wait for the vendor to present the check for payment. This is recommended if check 'arrives by' date is several days prior
  2. Void the check and credit the funds back to your account
  3. Void the check and reissue a new check payment to your vendor. 




Voiding a payment

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