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User Roles and Permissions offers five pre-built roles allowing various levels of information accessibility and functions. With user roles, people both inside or outside your company are able to participate in your Payables and Receivables processes without providing them access to your bank account or accounting system functions. Custom roles are also available which allow more granular permissions settings.  




Administrators oversee your company's use of and have access to all functions. They are able to:

  • approve bills
  • authorize and schedule payments
  • control user access (such as adding and deactivating users)
  • set up and run the sync

Administrators typically have signing authority on your bank account because their are able to authorize bill payments. There must be at least one active Administrator in your account at all times. 

Note: The most recently-added Administrator will appear under Managed by in Network search results for your company.



Accountants can handle the payables processes, but cannot pay bills. Their primary task is to enter bills and sync with the accounting system. Accountants are able to:

  • Approve bills (but not schedule payments)
  • Record payments made outside of
  • Set up and run the sync

They are not able to manage users or view/manage banking information.



Clerks are able to:

  • Create bills and invoices
  • Manage vendors and customers
  • Create offline payments
  • View payments, bank accounts and reports



Approvers review bills and vendor credits before authorizing them for payment. Approvers are able to: 

  • Review bills
  • Approve bills and vendor credits
  • Deny bills and vendor credits



Payers are able to:

  • Record payments, and
  • Pay bills
    • Note: Any user paying bills must go through identity verification to become authorized to use the bank account in

Unlike a Verified Administrator, the Payer cannot enter or approve bills. Additionally, the Payer can only pay bills up to the approved amount, thus enabling a clear separation of duties in a company.


Auditor (View only)

The Auditor role is a view only role. User's with this role can view all account and transaction information in the account but can not edit or approve anything. Note: This role is view only, but there is still a standard user fee for this role. Please check your price plan for per user cost.



If you are an Administrator, or have a Custom user role with Manage Roles permissions, you can create new Custom Roles either from scratch, or by using an existing role as a base.