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Sage Intacct Sync Error: No bank has been selected to pay the transactions


No bank has been selected to pay the transactions



This error occurs when the payment account being used is not associated with a checking account or a charge account (for credit card payments) in Sage Intacct.



If the Clearing Checking Account is not set up and associated with a Clearing GL account, or the sync user doesn't have the correct user permissions to the Cash Management module, this error will happen. Also ensure that the payment account listed on the payment in is account type bank.

When setting up the Sync with Sage Intacct, one of the steps is to set up a bank account (and GL Account) used for payments in called Clearing. For each payment account (type bank account) that you would like to use for a payment in you would need to associate a bank account in Sage Intacct.

Here is an example of what the Checking account should look like in Sage Intacct, when associating to a " Money Out clearing".



RECORDING BILLS PAID VIA CREDIT CARD: When making a offline payment in with a credit card type payment account, make sure you have a "Charge card account" associated with that credit card payment account.



In Sage Intacct, set up the bank account you use for payments in

  • When you use to pay vendors, we make a single Automated Clearing house (ACH) debit per day to your bank account. This single debit might be for more than one bill payment that day.
  • To make it easier to reconcile your bank account with a single debit, we provide a Money Out Clearing account. All your individual bill payments made via will be posted to this clearing account. We also create a journal entry in Sage Intacct to record the debit.

To set up the bank account:

  1. On the Home page, Cash Management > click Checking Accounts (note: may need to click Open Setup to view Checking Accounts)
  2. On the Checking Accounts page, click Add
  3. On the Checking Account Information page, under Financial institution, enter:
    • Account ID: Clearing
    • Bank name:
  4. Farther down the Checking Account Information page, scroll to Accounting information.
  5. At GL account, click the down arrow.
  6. Click Add from pull down list.
  7. On the General Ledger Accounts page, enter:
    • Account Number: an unused number, such as 1071
    • Title: Money Out Clearing (note: A default account of the same name/title is in To ensure there are no duplicates, double check to ensure the exact title is used.)
    • Account Type: Balance Sheet Account
    • Period End Closing Type: Non-Closing Account
    • Dimension settings: leave all dimensions unselected
  8. Click Save
  9. On the Checking Account Information page, click Save