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Viewing, printing or saving processed documents


Once a document have been processed from the inbox, it is still possible to view, print or save the document to your computer, as necessary.

To view, print, or save your document:

  1. Click the Documents tab
  2. Click the name of the document you wish to view. An image of the document now displays on its own page, with four sets of links on the top of the image. These links give you the ability to:
  • Change the font size of the document image
  • Rotate the document image
  • View the original document (using "Open Document"). This will download the document to your computer. You can then view or print the document.
  • Navigate through a multiple page document

To change the font size of the document image, click one of the three capital A's.

To rotate the document image 90 degrees, click either the clockwise arrow or the counterclockwise arrow.

To view the original document, click View Original.

If the document is a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or .pdf document it will open up in the appropriate application, depending on your browser configuration.

To navigate through a multiple page document, click either the left or right arrows in the Page tab.


To view a specific bill document, click on its Invoice Number. You view bills the same way as you view other financial documents in


Printing a document from the inbox