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Doc in inbox has no viewer

To be able to preview the pages of your file in , make sure that your file was saved as either a .pdf, .xls, .doc or .ppt file, and that the filename includes the file extension. If you can't find your file on the default view of the Files Received page, it may not be in one of the above file formats.
To view a file with No Viewer:

Click "Open Document".
Select to open the file (or save to disk).
This file will open in a separate window.
You may need to move/resize the document window so that you can enter the document's information back in the window.

You can store any file format in . The files that are automatically visible in your Inbox are the following: Adobe PDF (version 5.0 or later); Microsoft Word (version 97 & 2003 or later); PowerPoint (version 97; 2003 or later); Excel (version 97; 2003 or later). Also, .txt, .png, .jpg and .gif