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Adding another user to my PayPal account so they can pay vendors using PayPal

You must be a current active Authorized User to nominate another user. You will only be able to add users with payment permissions to the PayPal account. Typically, these roles are administrator and payer. They may also include custom roles with payment capabilities.

To nominate another user to the PayPal account previously established in, have the current authorized user do the following:

  1. In the upper right, hover over the gear icon and click Settings
  2. Under Your Company, click PayPal Accounts
  3. Click the PayPal Email of the PayPal account to which you want to grant user access
  4. In the Authorized Users section click Add
  5. Select the user you want to nominate for payments for this PayPal account and click Save
  6. The user you nominated will receive an email requesting him or her to log on to and complete the To Do task to get verified for payments
  7. When this user logs on, he/she should click Complete setup for PayPal
  8. The user will then be asked a set of questions to confirm his/her identity