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Set up ePayment for existing vendors

ePayment is an excellent and easy way to pay vendors. The payment goes directly to the vendor's bank account; no waiting for checks to arrive and no trips to the bank! Setting a vendor up for ePayments is easy--see how below. 

Find them in the Network

Already have them on your vendor list?

  1. In, locate the vendor you're setting up to receive ePayments
  2. We've already checked to see if they're in the Network! You'll see one of two messages at the top of their Vendor Details page:
    1. Click To pay [your vendor name] electronically, review and connect now.
    2. We'll display the potential match we found in a pop-up.                                   
    3. Review their information, and click Connect if they're a match. 
    4. If they aren't a match, enter their email address to invite them to join the Network for free!
    1. Click To pay [your vendor name] electronically, invite them now. 
    2. Review the invite email, make sure their email address is correct, and click Send invite
    • We may have found some possible matches for [your vendor name] in our network. To pay [your vendor name] electronically, review and connect now. 
    • We did not find [your vendor name] in our network. To pay [your vendor name] electronically, invite them now. 


Haven't added them yet? 

Just add them like you normally would! We'll search the Network for you, so you can connect with them right away. 

    1. Hover over Payables, and then click Vendors
    2. Click New
    3. Enter your vendor's name to add them to your vendor list. We'll also search for them in our network, and display any potential matches we find. 
      • Email Address
      • Account Number
      • Zip Code
      • Enter additional information to refine the search:
    4. See if they're in the network! We'll search the Network and our network of large billers as well. 
      • If they are in the network: 
        • Note:
          • Smaller companies in the network will continue to receive check payments until they accept your invite. 
          • Large billers, like AT&T or Aetna, require an account number to connect. When you click Connect, you'll connect automatically.
        • Tax ID
        • 1099 Status
        • Account Number
        • ...and more
        • Click Connect to send an invite.
        • Click edit  to add more information to the vendor record, such as: 
      • If they aren't in the network, you have a few options: 
        • Enter their email address to invite them to set up a free account to receive ePayments from you.
        • Click Enter their information manually to complete their vendor record. 
        • Click Done to review. 




Invite them to open a free account

If we can't find your vendor in the network, they can open a free Receivables account where they can receive payments from users, manage customers and invoices, and connect with other businesses using!

In the steps above, we've shown you how to invite a vendor who isn't in the Network. But you can also...


Send a link to your public profile

Your vendors can create an account and connect with you with the click of a button in your Network profile.

  1. Hover over Network, and click My Network Profile
  2. Copy your profile URL, and email it to your vendor
  3. When they click the link, they'll see your Network profile.
  4. They should click Get Paid to open their free account. 


Here's what the rest of the setup process will look like for your vendor. You can share this article with them if they need assistance.

Setting up a free Basic Receivables account


Enter their bank info manually

If the vendor provides their bank information, it can be manually entered into their vendor record.

  1. In, locate the vendor you're setting up to receive ePayments
  2. Click Set up ePayments
  3. Click You already have their bank information
  4. Review the information presented, and then click Next
  5. Enter your vendor's bank account information, and then click Save
  6. We'll initiate a small test deposit of a penny into your vendor's bank account, to verify it is able to receive payments.
    • If the test deposit is successful, after 2 business days, the bank account will be auto-confirmed. We will send you an email informing you that the vendor can now be paid electronically.
    • If the test deposit is not successful, the bank account entry will be invalidated. A new bank account entry will need to be made for the vendor.
    • If the vendor confirms receipt of test deposit prior to auto confirm, the bank can be manually confirmed:
      • From the To Do List, click Confirm 1 electronic vendor
      • Check the box next to the vendor bank account to confirm
      • Click Confirm
      • Click Done
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