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How to Deactivate a Document Page

To delete individual pages from a document in your Inbox, Click the Inbox tab.
From the Received table, locate the document that contains pages you wish to delete.
Click the document name. The document will now display on its own page, along with the "This page is: box".
In the page tab at the top of the document display just to the right of the Select all/none link, click the forward or back arrows to display the page you wish to delete.
In the "This Page is: box", click Unnecessary.
Click Remove.
If there are more pages in this document to process, you'll be returned to the document page with the "This page is: box".
If this is the last unprocessed page in the document, will display the Document Processing page.
Continue to assign or mark as unnecessary each individual page.
When you're finished, you can either click the Inbox tab to return to the Received page, or click any other tab to begin a different task.