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Unable to select Vendors, Payment Terms, and Accounts from the drop down menu list when creating a new bill when using Internet Explorer (IE) 7 or 8 - ActiveX Controls disabled.

When creating a new bill using Internet Explorer (IE), user is unable to select a vendor nor see the vendor list when clicking the drop down arrow or typing in the letter associated with vendor name. Same goes for Payment Terms and GL Accounts.
Solution: This is not an issue with the system but rather the user's internet browser settings In order to use the system as designed, please make sure you have your Active X controls enabled.
To resolve the issue, please do the following:

Go to Internet Explorer
Click Tools
Click Internet Options
Click Security tab
Select Internet 6
Click 'Custom Level'
Make sure the following are ENABLED and then refresh browser page:

ActiveX controls and plug-ins section run active x controls and plug-ins - enable
Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting - enable
Scripting section active scripting - enable
Scripting of java applets - enable