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Sync does not show as a menu item after installation - Windows Vista/7

If in a hosted environment there will be no sync menu item in QuickBooks. To sync, open your Sync Dashboard program (located on your computer desktop), select the organization you want to sync, and then click Sync .
Less common causes:

User did not follow special instructions for Vista / Windows 7 installation
User did not choose to install as a menu item during installation (uncommon)

Most common causes:

User did not log into QuickBooks as the Admin user after installing the sync had been previously denied access via the application certificate
QuickBooks file was moved or restored to a different location causing connection to be broken
User did not follow the special Vista / Windows 7 installation instructions (go to slide 12)
User did not chose to add Sync as a menu item during installation

The quickest & easiest way to resolve these issues is to reestablish the connection between the sync and QuickBooks (see attached screen shots for details):

Remove from QuickBook's Integrated Applications
Delete the Sync profile from the Sync Dashboard
Uninstall and reinstall the sync application
Follow special Instructions for Vista/Windows 7 installation

NOTE: If you don't see the menu item in QuickBooks in Windows 7/Vista after following these steps, ensure that you have turned on "User Account Control" in Windows 7/Vista. Contact your IT Administrator if you are uncertain whether this control is turned on.
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