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Download files and get all documents from

If a record of all documents is needed, request a DVD that contains images of all documents stored in, including copies of cancelled checks for online payments.

These DVDs can be requested at any time for any date range for a nominal fee of $50.00.

Please contact Customer Support to request a DVD.

To download a single document in

  1. Click the Documents tab
  2. Click the name of the document to be downloaded. An image of the document will display on its own page, with four sets of links on the top of the image.
  3. To view the original document, click View Original. Then opt to download the document. If the document is a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or .pdf document it will open up in the appropriate application, depending on the browser configuration.

To view a specific bill, click on its Invoice Number. View bills the same way other financial documents are viewed in