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Problem Uploading a File to the Inbox


Any file sent to the Inbox must be smaller than 20 MB. If a file is larger than 20MB, look at ways to reduce its size.


Here are some common causes and possible solutions:

  • Review the file and see if it is unnecessarily high-definition or has dimensions that are needlessly large, and consider reducing the resolution to something that maintains a reasonable fidelity but reduces the file size.
    • By default, most scanners will scan documents at 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch). Depending on the number of pages, this can give a file size of more than 20MB. Decreasing the scanner's DPI to 100 DPI will create smaller files without much quality loss.
  • Image - Too many images can dramatically increase the file size of a document. Consider removing unnecessary images or pages from the document to shave down the size.
  • Color - When possible, try scanning in black-and-white, not color, to reduce file size.
  • Pages - There may be a large number of pages in the file. You may need to split the document into sections so that each is below the 20MB limit.
  • Type - Generally speaking, files meeting the above criteria that are of types: .pdf, Word files (.doc, .docx, etc), Excel files (.xls .csv, etc), .txt, .gif, .png, .jpg and .jpeg will reliably upload.

Regardless of the file-size of a given document, the Inbox cannot process documents that are more than 250 pages long. To upload a longer document, split it so that each section has fewer than 250 pages.