Sign in records on DVD

A backup copy of your data can be requested and shipped via DVD that contains bill documents and cancelled checks that have been processed in

Cost and shipping

The cost is $50 per account for records on DVD and the order typically ships within 14 business days of a request. When the DVD order is received, a charge is processed to the credit card associated with your account.

We ship the DVD via USPS, once the DVD is shipped, we send you a tracking number. If the tracking status on USPS website is "Pre-shipment" it will take 2-3 business day before the DVD should be received.

How to order

To request the DVD, an administrator on the account submits a request through the Support Center:

  • Click email icon to send us an email 
  • Include the company name(s), date range requested, and your shipping address in the request.

To make sure the information on your DVD is correct:

  • Process all documents in your Inbox
  • Confirm that all check payments have cleared
  • Confirm that the check images have been uploaded to your account

What is included

The following sections are sorted in a .zip file by create date:

  • Vendor & Customer Bills & Invoices: Original File, Created Date, Vendor, Invoice Number, Amount (in the original format it was uploaded)
  • Vendor Credits: Original File, Created Date, Vendor, Ref Number, Amount (in the original format it was uploaded)
  • Checks: Vendor Name, Payment Amount, Check Number, Check Date (in PDF format)

How it is presented on DVD:

  • To access the information on the DVD, a randomly generated password is included in the original DVD request ticket, and emailed to the requesting Administrator when the DVD is shipped
  • Files are sent in compressed .zip files, you will need a program that can open those types of files
  • One Folder for Documents
  • One Folder for Cleared Checks
  • Index (searchable links to documents)