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February 2015 - Release Highlights

Did you miss our Release Webinar? No problem! Watch the recording here:  February 2015 Release Webinar


  • Credit Memos

Credit memos were in beta during our last release, and we got a ton of great feedback. We’re so excited to be able to fully launch credit memos in this release! Now you can create customer credits, customize credit templates, send credits to your customers, and apply credits to open invoices. If you are connected with your customer in the network, your customer credit for them will get sent directly to their Inbox, where it will become a vendor credit on their side! And when your connected customer pays an invoice using your credit, we make sure it is applied correctly in your account (note: currently, Credit Memos do not sync with accounting systems).

Credit Memos

  • Search for businesses in the network

Soon it will be easier than ever to pay your bills and get paid electronically - you’ll be able to use the new network search to find companies already using, and invite them to connect with you! This feature will be made available in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for the Search option under the Network tab! Contact Customer Support if you'd like network search turned on early. Network Search


  • Void/Cancel Payment Deadline Change

More and more businesses are using to send payments, which means we’re processing more payments than ever. In order to ensure your payments arrive on time, we’ve introduced multiple processing runs each day for scheduled payments. Since your payments might get picked up earlier in the day for processing, we’ve moved the Cancel Payment cutoff to 2pm PT, and the Void ePayment cutoff to 4pm PT. Additionally, we’ve made some changes so that the void process is more clear and consistent.

Cancel a Scheduled Payment

  • Notes

We’ve made some improvements to Notes - now you can send notes to your connected customers and vendors on eBills, eInvoices, eCredits, and more! And now when you receive a note, you’ll get a notification email from us complete with a Reply button, so you can address issues quickly and easily.

Send a Note to Your Customer or Vendor

  • Recommendations

In our last release we announced Network Recommendations, which let you know when a company in the network and/or our network of large billers was a possible match for one of your vendors. We want to make it even easier for you to see recommendations and get connected. Beginning with this release, if we find some potential matches for you we’ll let you know right on your homepage, and on the Vendor Details page for individual vendors!

Network - Vendor Recommendations

  • Adding new customers and vendors from invites

When connecting with a new customer or vendor in the network, you no longer need to spend time entering contact information. Just select “a new vendor” or “a new customer” when sending or accepting an invite, and we’ll do the rest!