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Accepting ePayments

ePayments are the cheapest and most convenient way to get paid electronically.

  • No set up fee / no monthly fee - Get paid via ePayment for no additional monthly / setup cost - it's already included in's monthly fees.
  • Low flat fee - ePayments cost a low flat fee instead of the percentage fees from credit card providers. In addition, the payment fee is separated out in the billing statement, so bank reconciliation is easier.
  • Auto Pay - The easiest way to get paid on time, every time, because invoices get paid in full on their due date, directly from the customer's bank account (credit card also available).  Learn more about Auto Pay here: Setting up Auto Pay
  • No manual entry - Payments are automatically applied to invoices and can be synced back to QuickBooks for Windows.
  •  Direct deposit - The money is deposited within 3 business days.
  •  Control - See all payments received/scheduled, and require customer contact before they change/delete bank account or credit card information in their account.