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Data Entry Service

Important: If you haven't used Data Entry Service before, take a look at our new and more robust feature, Auto Bill Entry!


Our Data Entry Service saves you a substantial amount of time by handling the manual entry of all your bills. You fax, email, or upload an image of each bill into your Inbox, and we enter the bill details for you. Then you approve, pay, or perform any of your other routine processing on the bills. 


Get bills into your Inbox by 4 pm PT (7 pm ET), and we'll enter the details by 6 am PT (9 am ET) the next business day. If anything is unclear or incomplete, we work to resolve it by 10 am PT (1 pm ET) the next business day, returning the affected bills to your Inbox for your review and resolution.

Invoice and vendor details are entered exactly as they appear on your bills. Once completed, the bills are routed for review or approval and you pay them as usual:

  • Approval - Bills are routed according to your defined approval workflow.
    • Current vendors:
      • Bills are treated the same as the previous bill for each vendor: routed to the same set of approvers and categorized to the same single item account, department, and location.
    • New vendors:
      • Bills are routed automatically to the default approver(s) you’ve selected


For faster processing of a bill in your Inbox, you always have the option of entering the details yourself. Otherwise, we enter the details for all bills you bring into your Inbox. 


  • Data Entry Service does not support the entry of splits and cannot enter account coding even if it is provided on the bill.
  • Data Entry Service does not process vendor credits or billing statements.
  • If you brought any bills into your Inbox before you started using our service, enter the bill details yourself, or put them into your Inbox again and we'll take care of it!
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