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Facts For Vendors / Suppliers


A few facts for vendors:

  • When clients or customers invite you to join, they’re asking you to help them pay you electronically, rather than by paper check.  Such payments are more secure and easier to track and manage. For you, signing up takes just a few minutes.  Simply provide some basic information about your company and bank account.  
  • If you've received an invitation from your customer to be paid through, the service is free.  You can always choose to upgrade your account if you'd like to use's full service Payables and/or Receivables services.
  • must first withdraw funds from your customer's bank account before remitting the funds to you via check or ePayment. will send you a notification on the day funds are withdrawn from your customer's bank account advising you of the upcoming payment.  In the case of an ePayment, you will be sent a second mail on the days funds are available in your bank account.
  • For mailed checks, factors such as high-volume mail days, holiday weekends, and certain locations might impact mail delivery. uses first class USPS mail to send check payments.
  • You should contact your customer for detailed information related to payment status and payment terms (e.g. payment amount, timing, etc.).   For privacy and security reasons, we cannot provide detailed payment information directly to vendors.


Helpful hints if you are signing up for a free account to receive payments:

  • Use the link in the email you received. Do not sign up directly on the website.
  • Enter a bank account so that your customer can pay you.  You must enter a real bank account. We cannot send payments to pre-paid or other kinds of debit or credit cards.
  • Keep your address current. This is the address your customer will use to mail you a check if for any reason, they are unable to send you an ePayment (direct deposit payment).
  • We will send a test deposit to your bank account. This is just to ensure that our real payments to your bank account will be successful.
  • If for any reason, we are not able to credit your bank account, we will be in touch with you via email to prompt you to re-enter your bank account.
  • Once you enter this information, you don't need to do anything else -- we will deposit payments directly into your bank account.  (We're different than PayPal).
  • You can log into your account any time to see a payment history or access Customer Support. Simply click Support from the bottom of any page in your account.
  • If you're being paid by more than one customer, you have a payment network ID you can provide to any other customers -- you don't need to set up multiple free accounts. This payment network ID is on your home tab.  With this number, any payer can link to you. Simply copy and paste this into an email to your customer. If they need help, have them chat with us!