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Syncing with Oracle NetSuite

We provide an App to sync account information between and Oracle NetSuite - the Oracle NetSuite company file will automatically be updated with the latest bills and payments from, and Vendors are always kept in sync between the two.

Oracle NetSuite to

With each sync, picks up any Oracle NetSuite changes to:

  • Accounts*
  • Vendors
  • Items
  • Classes
  • Locations
  • Projects/Jobs (Requires Bundle 3.1 or later)

Vendors shared across subsidiaries need to be updated in Oracle Netsuite to Oracle NetSuite

With each sync, Oracle NetSuite picks up any changes to:

  • Vendors
  • Bills
  • Bill payments

Things to know

The following objects do not Sync

  • Edits to bills will not sync from Oracle NetSuite
  • Bank Balance for Cash Forecast 
  • Merges of any object records (Chart of Accounts, Vendors, etc.) -
    • Ex: if merging objects in Oracle NetSuite, the same two Chart of Accounts will also need to be merged in

Syncing with Oracle NetSuite reduces the amount of details to enter, and it keeps those details consistent. Enter bills in more efficiently, because all Oracle NetSuite vendors and accounts are at your fingertips. Accounting in Oracle NetSuite is more accurate, because all bill payments come directly from