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Pay bills faster

Sometimes a situation arises in which a payment needs to get to a vendor as quickly as possible. Now instead of breaking workflows to wire funds or overnight a check, leverage's pay faster options to get checks and ePayments to vendors quickly and reliably.   

Once the payment timing has been accelerated, the account's bank authorized users will have access to's expedited payment options, listed below.  When first starting with the service, allow 4 banking days for both ePayments and mailed checks. After 5 completed payments, payment timing will accelerate (for example, ePayments under $5,000 will arrive in 2 banking days).

Pay faster options


Expedited checks are delivered by UPS or USPS, with tracking included. The payment deadline for expedited checks is 12pm PT:

  • Overnight check delivery
    • Note: Overnight Pay Faster checks made on a Friday will be delivered the following Monday (or next available business day). 
  • 2-day check delivery
  • 3-day check delivery  


Payment deadline for expedited ePayments is 6pm PT.

  • Overnight ePayment delivery  
    • Note: Overnight Pay Faster ePayments made on a Friday will be deposited the following Monday (or next available business day).

How to make an expedited payment

Paying a bill faster is just as easy as paying bills regularly using

  1. Hover over Payables and then click Pay
  2. Locate the payment and click Pay Faster. A list of options, with fees included, will be presented
  3. Choose an expedited payment option, and then click Pay

If paying by check, a tracking number notification will be emailed as soon as it becomes available.


Check payments

  • Overnight check delivery = $19.99
  • 2-day check delivery = $14.99
  • 3-day check delivery = $9.99


  • Same day process and deposit (the earliest day you can select is the next business day) = $9.99

 Things to know

  • Payments must be canceled by 12pm PT
  • ePayments scheduled after 12pm PT cannot be canceled or voided
  • Checks scheduled after 12pm PT cannot be canceled, but can be voided before the check has cleared. 
    • This means that the initial debit from your account cannot be canceled. Voiding a payment before it clears will put a Stop Payment on the check. 
  • Paying faster is not available for international payments
  • Pay Faster is not available as an option when paying via the mobile app
  • PO Boxes have no overnight delivery guarantee. Overnight Check Delivery should not be used for checks delivered to PO Boxes
  • By default, checks will be sent via USPS. If the check can’t be delivered by USPS, it will be sent by UPS. 

Combined Payments

Payments per Vendor will be combined when selected in bulk prior to clicking Pay Faster (this is to reduce per-payment fees). 

  • Note: The combine payment settings will be overridden when selecting multiple payments for a Vendor prior to clicking Pay Faster.

If you'd prefer not combine payments per Vendor, then Pay Faster must be clicked after selecting each bill. In this case, the Pay Faster fee will apply to each payment.

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