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Combined or separate bill payments

Combined bill payments

    • When you pay multiple bills at the same time, to the same vendor and with the same Process Date, we combine them into one payment (depending on your preferences). This saves you money and saves your vendor the hassle of reconciling multiple payments or depositing multiple checks. 
    • Your vendor receives one payment and one email confirmation. You pay for one payment. 
    • Combined payments are now supported in our mobile app! 


Separate bill payments

    • Separating payments might be a good option if you need a separate payment for a tax bill or for the simplicity of reconciling specific bills with specific payments.
    • Your vendor receives one payment and one email confirmation for each bill. You pay for each payment. 


 Change preference for all vendors

  1. Hover over the gear icon  and then click Settings
  2. Under Payables, click Preferences.
  3. Select Yes or No for "Combine Payments" 


Change preferences for individual vendors

  1. Hover over Payables, and then click Vendors
  2. Locate the desired vendor, and click their name
  3. Click edit 
  4. Select or deselect Combine Payments
  5. Click Save

Note: This setting is not active unless the global setting under Payables preferences is set to Yes


Things to know 

  • can combine up to 35 payments into a single check or ePayment
  • can combine up to 35 bills into one Offline payment 
  • When syncing combined payments, they will sync over as individual payments in your accounting software