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Network Profile Visibility Settings

Your profile is how you are represented in the Network - here you'll display your business contact information, your logo, and more. You can also control your profile visibility - read more about the different levels below.



  • Public [Recommended]: Your profile will be shareable outside of the Network. We recommend this setting, because your custom URL and will appear on checks you send to vendors and will also be shareable with anyone, making it easy for you to expand your Network, and pay and get paid via ePayment.
    • If you choose to make your profile Public, you will be able to control how much of your business information is displayed.


  • Limited: Only logged-in users will be able to search for you and view your profile. 


  • Private: Your company profile will not be searchable by business name or business name + ZIP code. Only members with your Payment Network ID, which you provide, will be able to see your profile.

Learn more about the Network Search here

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