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Receivables application

Moving money electronically requires us to get to know your business. In the Receivables application, we ask for some information about the company in order to run a soft credit check on the business. The soft credit check will not have a negative impact on credit reports and is used to set a 28 calendar day ACH receivables limit. We set a limit to ensure that payments can be covered by the account in the event a customer payment is reversed.

If the application is not submitted, disbursement of customer payments made to the account will be put in a Hold status until the application is submitted and approved.


  1. On the Overview page, click Using to get paid? Get set up to accept ePayments
  2. Enter required information
    • Legal Business Name
    • Entity type
      • Sole Proprietorship
      • Partnership
      • Limited Liability Company
      • Corporation
      • Non-Profit Organization
      • Other
    • Expected Monthly Revenue
  3. Click Submit


Review process

The application will be reviewed by our payment operations department within 2 business days. If approved, the email address listed on the application will be sent an email notifying them of the receivables limit.

If additional documentation is required (often due to insufficient credit history or if it's a new business), an email will be sent to all Administrative users on the account requesting that specific documentation be submitted to the team member reviewing the application.

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