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Inbox Setup

The inbox is used to bring documents into Once documents have been added to the Inbox, they can be created into Bills or associated to bills/invoices/customers. A unique email address will be generated, this email address can be provided to vendors or customers to email bills and invoices directly into the account for processing.

When clicking Inbox for the first time, the following page is presented:


Setting up the email

By default, the email address will be (company name) For example: Acme and Company will have the email address The email address can be edited by following these steps:

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Inbox
  2. Under Start using the inbox, click edit next to the current email address
  3. Enter the desired email address (minimum of 8 characters)
  4. Click Save

Bring in a document

A document can be brought into the inbox 3 different ways:

  • Email - Email the document to the email address
  • Drag and drop - Locate the document on your computer and drag the document into the drag and drop box
  • Browse your computer - click Browse your computer, locate and select the document, click Open


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