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Cancel a scheduled payment

Once a payment has been scheduled, it can be canceled up until the Process Date. After the Process Date, the payment can only be voided.

  1. From the Payment Out tab on the Overview page, click the payment confirmation #
  2. Click Cancel payment Cancel_payment.png
  3. Click Yes to confirm                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Confirm_cancel_payment.png


Things to know

  • The cancellation cutoff for scheduled payments is 2PM PT on the banking day before the Process Date.
    • Ex: If a payment is scheduled to process on a Monday, and the Friday prior is a bank holiday, the payment must be canceled by 2PM PT on Thursday.
  • Once a payment has passed the Cancellation window, it can only be voided.
  • When a payment is canceled, the bill will return to Unpaid status and can be paid again.


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