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Getting started with Payables

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Below are some key topics regarding setup and Payables with 


Enter Company information 

Provide information about your company, decide what address to display on checks sent to vendors and more...

Startup checklist

A step by step checklist to assist with setting up the account.

  • Add additional users
    • Add other users that will need access to the account and assign appropriate permissions. We offer five default roles to chose from. 
    • Create a custom role if a different combination of permissions is needed
  • Set up the Inbox
    • Create a personalized email address to send in unlimited amounts of documentation.
  • Add the bank account
    • To send payments, bank account details are needed. There are two methods that can be used to add a bank account.
  • Approver Settings
    • Approval customizations allow flexibility based on business need
  • Sync or Import
    • Bring in information from your accounting software.

Using Payables

Add a Vendor

Select to pay the vendor by check or ePayment. 

Create a bill

Create a bill to make your first payment on.

Approve a bill

If using an approval workflow, approve the bill for payment.

Pay a bill

Make your first payment.

Things to know

Process Date vs. Arrives by Date

The process date is the date funds will be debited from the bank account. Arrives by date depends on the payment method.

Payment Timing

The first five payments will take a few extra days because all new accounts have to build some payment history. Once there are five successful payments in the account, the account is reviewed and put on default payment timing.




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