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Console Billing report

The console billing report will provide a break down of client usage fees by categories per client. 

How to access console billing report

Console admins can access the console billing report by following these steps:

  1. Log into, click Manage Console                                                                                                   Manage_console.png
  2. Click Reports
  3. Click Console Billing                                                                                                                          Console_Billing_link.png
  4. Enter Billing year
  5. Select Billing month
  6. Check box next to Show Directly Billed Clients to include clients that are billed directly by
  7. Click View to view the html report in browser or Download to export the report in .csv format date_view_download_-_billing_report.png

Categories available

The following categories will be displayed in the console billing report:

  • Client
  • Billing Date
  • Total Fees
  • Client Fees
  • Client Users
  • Console Users
  • Total US Checks
  • Total NonUS Checks
  • Sent ePayments
  • Data Entry
  • Received ePayments
  • Mailed Invoice
  • Fast PayCheck OverNight
  • Fast Pay 2Day Checks
  • Fast Pay 3Day Checks
  • Fast Pay ACH
  • Fast Pay RPPS
  • Stop Payments
  • Reissued Returned Checks
  • Approval Policies
  • Intl Payments FX Wire
  • Intl Payments USD Wire
  • Billed To