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Expert training certificate not appearing

When taking the Expert Training from a Console, it is required to complete all 13 modules. Simply taking the exam and not completing the other prior modules will not allow the Expert training certificate to be generated.

If the Expert exam was taken/passed but a certificate wasn't generated, please double check to see if the prior modules were all completed. Even if one was not completed, a certificate will not be produced.

To relaunch the Expert Training:

  1. Log into your Console account
  2. Click Training
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Click Start the Expert Training. Another window will open up with the Training platform.
  5. Click Training
  6. Click Expert Certification
    • Each module needs to have a completed status along with a date in which the module was completed


Note: Certifications are only offered with the training modules from within a Console account. There is no certifiication for the Product training course within a client account.