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Enter a new bill

Bill Details

  1. On the Overview page, click Bill+ Overview_-_Bill_.pngEnter_a_bill_screen_-_small.png
  2. Enter Bill details
    • Vendor Name - the company or person to be paid
    • Invoice Number - any numbers or letters to help the vendor identify the bill
    • Payment Terms - how soon the vendor expects payment
    • Invoice Date - the day the vendor created the invoice
    • Due Date - specific date the vendor expects payment (filled automatically if Payment Terms have already been selected)
    • Total Amount - the total amount of the bill that needs to be paid
    • Description - statement that explains what the bill is for (for internal purposes only)                                                                                                                       Bill_details.png
  3. Drag and drop or browse for a saved document to associate to the bill (if applicable)                                          Drag_and_drop_-_zoomed_in.png
  4. Click Save                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Save_button_-_75.png

Adding Expenses

Expenses - details about the expense or other types of account applicable to the purchase or service received

  1. In Bill Details box, select Add multiple expenses
    • Expenses section will show up at the bottom of the page Adding_expenses_to_bill_-_smaller_with_edits.png
  2. Enter expenses and details
    • If the account does not already exist, click Add new account                                                                                                   Add_new_account.png     

Adding Items

Items - details about the product or service the vendor is invoicing

  1. In Bill Details box, select Use items
    • Items section will show up at the bottom of the page Adding_items_smaller_with_edits.png
  2. Enter items and details

Assigning Approvers

Approvers - the users who need to approve the bill for payment

  1. In the Approvers box, click Select approver
  2. Select the approvers
  3. Click Done
    • Click and drag to reorder approvers                                                                                                                                 Assigning_approvers.png  



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