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Sage Intacct IP address issue

Issue: Invalid/Username Password. Please try again in a few minutes.



If you have the option "Enforce IP Address Filters" enabled, please follow the directions below. Otherwise return to support for further assistance.

  1. In Sage Intacct, log into the appropriate company (top level if multi entity) and hover over company > company info.
  2. On the next page, click on the “Security” tab.
  3. Under the option “Enforce IP address filters”, select “Enforce at user level” and click on the filter icon to the right. (Only click the drop down if something is already selected, otherwise do not select this).
  4. In the user name section enter the username “admin” or the "billcom" user that you are syncing with.
  5. Enter Start IP address =
  6. Enter End IP Address =
  7. Click on add and then click on save on the next page.
  8. Then hover over company > users and click on “edit” next to the user that is syncing in The billcom user that is used in the “login info”.
  9. From the status drop down, select “active” > then click on save.
  10. Then return to and run a sync.