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Options to avoid or resolve non-sufficient funds (NSF) for payments

If you've scheduled a payment and you believe non-sufficient funds (NSF) are possible, you may be able to cancel or void the payment.

Note: If the payment has already begun or completed processing, cannot prevent the attempted debit from your bank account.


Cancel the payment

It's possible to cancel the payment before 2:00 PM PT on the banking day before the process date.

To cancel the payment:

  1. Hover over Payables, click on Payments
  2. On the Scheduled tab, click the payment confirmation
  3. Click Cancel this payment

After 2:00 PM PT on the banking day before the process date, you cannot cancel the payment because processing will have already started. will attempt to debit the bank account.


Void the payment

If the payment has begun or completed processing, you may be able to void it. To void a payment, your role must have Pay permissions, and you must be a verified user on the bank account originally used for the payment.

You must be logged in to the desktop website to void payments, you cannot void payments in the mobile app.

If you are going to reissue a voided payment, be sure to make any necessary changes to the vendor, such as pay to, address, email address, etc. before reissuing.



After 1:00 AM PT on the process date (once processing completes), you can void check payments. You have the option to void until the vendor cashes the check, or it expires (90 days).



After 1:00 AM PT on the process date (once processing completes), but before 1:00 PM PT on the banking day before the deposit date, you can void ePayments.


To void the payment:

  1. Hover over Payables, click on Payments
  2. Click History
  3. Click the payment confirmation
  4. Click Void this Payment


  • Voiding the payment won't prevent the debit from your account
  • Voiding payments may not prevent NSF fees if the debit to your account fails
  • Expedited same day Pay Faster ePayments cannot be voided as those are processed immediately


How to resolve an NSF

If your bank account has insufficient funds and is unable to successfully debit the account, we'll send account users with pay permissions an email within 1-2 banking days after the process date. The email includes the payments involved, the date of the payments, as well as a deadline and steps to send us a wire to cover the payments if possible.

  1. Read the email thoroughly for your wire deadline. We must receive the wire by 1:00 PM PT on the date in the email, or we will stop the payments.
  2. Be sure to send the wire to the correct account, specified in the email
  3. Forward the wire confirmation number you receive from your bank, to

We charge a $50 fee to handle insufficient or unavailable funds. We charge an additional $25.00 Stop Payment fee for each payment if we don't receive the required funds by 1 pm PT on the date in the email.


Sample email

Sample NSF email



  • We will automatically void any checks related to the NSF that have we have not yet printed and mailed
  • We'll automatically void any ePayments related to the NSF that have not yet deposited to a vendor
  • Any payments voided due to the NSF are subject to standard $25 void payment fees
  • Payers should refer to the emailed instructions to resolve the issue with our Payment Operations team, and contact Customer Support by clicking Chat or Email at the top of this page with any questions
  • It's your responsibility to contact the vendor regarding voided checks, so they don't try to cash the checks and possibly get charged a return check fee from their bank. We do not notify vendors of voided or canceled payments.