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Setup a Sync Token to sync with QuickBooks Desktop

The Sync Dashboard Profile Editor for QuickBooks Desktop for login credentials.

It is possible to use a Sync Token as a substitute for the email and password to connect the Sync Dashboard to QuickBooks Desktop. 

Note: If using a powered solution through a bank/financial institution, the sync token will be required to connect the sync.


A Sync Token is a name and password pair separate from the email and password you use to log in. The token is strictly for syncing. No one can log in to your account with it.

To create a token and use it for syncing:

  1. Hover over the gear icon and click Settings 
  2. Under Sync, click Tokens
  3. Click New
  4. Name will auto populate (this is a one-time use object)
  5. Click Save. The token will be generated (also a one time use object).
    • Write down this token, before navigating away from this page, as it is only shared one time
  6. On the Sync Dashboard:
    • Email = Username
    • Password = Token

Things to know

  • Creating a new token will invalidate the previous active token