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Basic Payables - Import your vendor list

It's easy to import businesses you transact with into your Basic Payables account. 

Using QuickBooks Online

If you use QuickBooks Online for your accounting software, we can connect to your QuickBooks Online account to automatically import your vendor list.

  1. Hover over Import businesses you transact with, click Connect your QBO account            Screen_Shot_2017-04-30_at_3.40.25_PM.png
  2. Click Connect your QBO account Screen_Shot_2017-04-30_at_3.41.03_PM.png
  3. Enter Master or Company Admin login credentials for your QuickBooks Online account
  4. Click Sign In
  5. Click Authorize

Using accounting software other than QuickBooks Online

If you are using an accounting software other than QuickBooks Online, use our import/export feature to bring in your vendor list.

  1. Hover over See who you know on, click Get Started                                                                Screen_Shot_2017-04-30_at_4.10.03_PM.png
  2. Next to Vendors, click Import
  3. Click Browse, select the .csv file of vendors you have exported out of your accounting software
  4. Click Upload
  5. Map the headers of your spreadsheet to fields
  6. Next to save as, enter a profile name for this header mapping. We will save this mapping so that you don't have to map it again.
  7. Click Continue
  8. Click Import



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