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Applying invoice payments from the Inbox

In most cases, ePayment received is automatically applied to an eInvoice and the eInvoice is closed. In some instances, payment exceptions - payments that don’t automatically apply to a Receivables invoice, will show up in the receiving company's Inbox and the payment will need to be manually processed. 

Exception instances


  • Either the Paying company edits the amount of the eBill to more than the original amount, or the Receiving company edits the amount of the eInvoice to less than the original amount. When the eBill is paid, the payment is more than the original or edited amount.

Double Payment

  • The eInvoice is marked as Paid, but the Vendor pays the eBill, resulting in a double payment on the Receivables side.

ePayment Without an eBill

  • The Receivables company sends a PDF or paper bill, the Payables company processes it in like a regular bill. The bill was never sent as an einvoice/ebill. Since the two companies are linked, when the Payables company pays the bill, the payment will be sent as an ePayment.

ePayment with Vendor Credits Applied

  • Receivables company sends an eInvoice to the Payables company. Payables company applies a Vendor Credit before paying the bill.

Applying payment

There are multiple options when processing payments from the Inbox.


Create an Invoice

Enter the credit amount from the payment which will show as available when creating the invoice.



Accept the payment without applying it to an invoice.

  1. Click Apply Invoice Payment
  2. Click Submit
  3. Click Done


Delete the payment if you have already recorded a manual payment to the invoice or it is a double payment.

  1. Click Apply Invoice Payment
  2. Click Delete


  • Deleting an unapplied payment from the inbox does not reverse the payment.
  • Once you delete an unapplied invoice payment from the Inbox, it cannot be recovered. You will need to record a manual payment to mark the corresponding invoice as paid.