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Basic Payables - Transact with anyone

Basic Payables account can be used to pay any subscribers for free. Now it can be used to transact with subscribers as well. It only takes a few steps to verify your account to start paying anyone. Transaction fees will be applied for payments made to subscribers but your account will still be subscription free.

Setup Steps

Required steps will show up under the complete setup section:

  • Update billing info
  • Finish bank account setup


Update billing info

Add a credit card for the transaction fees on payments made to subscribers

  1. Click Update billing info
  2. Click Add Card
  3. Enter credit card information
  4. Click Save

Finish bank account setup

If a bank account was previously added, a copy of the bank account will be made in order to send a verification deposit. Within 1-2 business days, a random deposit will show up in the bank account. That amount will need to be added to verify the bank account to pay subscribers.

  1. Click Finish bank account setup
  2. Enter the deposit amount
  3. Click Verify

Verify your Identity

Once the bank account is verified, for your security, we'll ask you a short series of questions from information on the public record to verify your identity, beginning with your name and address.


Multi-Factor Authentification

This type of verification adds an additional layer of security to your account by requiring not only your username and password to log in, but also a personal device which makes it extremely difficult for someone to break in to your account.

For more information regarding this feature:


Payments to subscribers can not be made until both the bank account and identity is verified.





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